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Report - Factory Nuclear Bunker - Lviv, Ukraine - February 2015


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This nuclear bunker was one of countless built under the main cities in Ukraine during the Cold War. This particular bunker was built under a large factory in the city of Lviv to house the workers of the factory in the event of an attack. I don't know anything about the factory itself other than that it is still partially active. And thus security involves regular patrols around the site (as well as some rather large free roaming guard dogs.) Due to this deterrent the nuclear bunker has remained largely untouched since the Cold War and most of the old equipment and documentation still remains in situe. Needless to say, some fun was had evading the dogs but it all worked out in the end and we made it inside unscathed

A big thanks goes to Bottlehunter and Soulstorm for another great night in Lviv.


A scale model of the factory complex right above our heads


Diagrams and information on enemy landmines



One of the many photo albums showing the training exercises held by the workers during the height of the Cold War


Lenin adorning the top of an old Soviet era certificate


Telephone exchange



One of several blast doors which sealed off different areas of the bunker


Stacks and stacks of old books and documents



One of the dummies used for training exercises



The living quarters of the soldiers who must have manned the bunker


It contained a small kitchen and the door leading off this led to the first sauna I've ever seen in a bunker


One of the old Soviet magazines left behind in the soldiers quarter. The crossword puzzle clues were all to do with the Soviet Union and the Cold War.


Crates of gas masks, medicine and other bits and pieces still untouched since the Cold War


A flooded exit back to ground level


Some sort of communication device we found. The top piece of text translates to "Remember, your enemy is listening"


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Quite a find and bloody well done for getting in and out in one piece!


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That's awesome!

Are you out there a lot or did you just do one big trip?


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Cheers lads, I found it to be one of the most interesting bunkers I've been in by a long shot so it's good to see it came across well.

that looks fantastic. i've also heard about your chimney climb in poland, massive respect.
Cheers, I was quite lucky with that climb really, there were some really close calls with workers/security but I just about made it. The dodgiest thing was that the rungs were coated in ice from around 100 metres up and the two hatches above that were frozen shut! I reckon January wasn't the ideal time to be attempting it!

Naughty as f*ck that mate!

Massive well done for finding this place!
Thanks, I can't take any credit for finding the place though. There's a great community in Lviv and the guys there are really on their game. They've uncovered some awesome stuff from around the city.

That's awesome!

Are you out there a lot or did you just do one big trip?
Cheers, nope, that was just my second time out there. I did a big trip last year where I took buses and trains across Poland, Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldova and Romania. I did a mix of hitting things solo and meeting up with people in some of the cities. I did something similar again this year through Poland and Western Ukraine. I've undertaken a different kind of adventure now (which I can't really go into detail on) but I probably won't be in Ukraine again for another two or three years unfortunately.

cracking that! the real thing I want to know though is htf have you uploaded this from the middle of the uzbek desert (or wherever you are atm!)
Ha, I've actually made it to some civilisation with some (barely) usable internet! Thinking of taking some time off in the capital city of the country I'm currently in and seeing what mischief I can get up to. I'm itching to get a bit of climbing in so I'll have to see what I can find. Two of the bridges in Istanbul were fucking on by the way! I chickened out as I didn't want to ruin the other thing after spending so long planning it. The new one though is asking to be hit by someone soon!


I should have danced all night
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Absolutely dripping with cool!