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Report - Fairmile - a quick and poignant evening visit


the fear

Popped along to Fairmile last night with my housemates with the intention of getting some sunset shots.

Hit the Schuster ward first, which is now very accessible and totally trashed; thanks to the local chavs :wanker

Got what I went in for though - a homage to the place written on one of the doors by one of the last patients; which I'd spotted through the window when I first visited last year.


The main bit reads:

"Today is our last day in ths hospital, which may become luxury apartments.
Hopefully not to the detriment of those who once resided -
with all the problems and tiredness, of challenging up and down lives, in challenging up and down times.
May Fairmile rest in peace, like the souls that it leaves.

Fairwell Fairmile

SJ Jackson, 28/04/03"

Considering all the negative accounts that come from asylums, its nice to find a testiment from someone who considers their time there to have been beneficial.

As I moved through the ward I finally realised that the garbled "fat controller-esq" audio message that I'd been ignoring for the past 5 minutes wasn't someone having a fete in the next field, but in fact the famous "remain where you are, security are on their way" announcement.

Not sure if I'd tripped a PIR sensor (didn't see any and I doubt they'd bother in that ward) or whether the guard had seen me on the CCTV and pressed the big red "chav scarer" button. Whatever the reason, I made my way back outside..

Five minutes later we wondered onto the main site and after saying hello to the particularly unbothered secuity guard, made our way around the rear for some more shots. The sunset wasn't great but you get the idea:



Finally, we headed around the front to try and catch the last of the sunset reflected in the windows. We were too late, but did stumble on perhaps the largest mushroom known to man.. well, this man anyway.


The evening was rounded off on my hands and knees, chasing mini frogs with the camera, in the dark :p

Hardly the most comprehensive trip but rewarding and a good jolly regardless :)


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