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Report - Firth Brown Medical Centre, Sheffield - November 2012


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Firth Brown Medical Centre, Sheffield - November 2012

Visited with non-members Doug & Tommy

Sheffield has become a bit of a playground for me recently, so it was only a matter of time until I made a visit to the infamous "underground" medical centre. Lately, a couple of friends have been showing a genuine interest in exploring, so they joined me for a whistlestop tour of some of Sheffs finest derps. Firth Brown being the first stop of the day.

Regular viewers will know that the history on this little gem is somewhat sketchy. The building appears to be part of a larger complex of buildings belonging to the Firth Brown Steel Works, rumoured to include an ambulance station and even a rifle range. Historical maps seem to show the buildings in situ from at least the 1950's but probably even earler. At some point in time the front of the complex was blocked off from the road by the erection of a tall stone wall. The surrounding ground level was raised by backfilling and the whole place was essentially 'buried' to form a car park on top.

I just wasn't feeling it with the photographs that day, so here's the best of a bad bunch...







It was a nice little explore and really good to finally see the place. Afterwards we rushed around the city trying to cram in some more classic Sheffield derps. No further reports however, as my camera hardly came out of the bag. Along the way we bumped into two lots of other explorers, so if any of you are reading this, it was nice meeting you :thumb Finally thanks to Kaplan's heads up we finished the day on a rooftop...


Ta very much :)
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