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Report - Firth Brown Medical Centre (Underground), Sheffield December 2011


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited after Mansfield with tablets. Thanks so much again for this.

You'd be amazed with what one can find sometimes. Driving past this place all you'd see is a wall and a bit of rubble at the top, nothing more. Yes it's small and the other areas such as the (alleged) rifle range are capped off, but for such a small size (only took about 10-20 minutes to explore and take pics) it's absolutely brilliant. No chav damage unless you count litter which chances are has probably been blown in, and plenty of natural decay makes it a really good explore. Surprising how much is left in situ too for the length of closure.

Access was a but uncomfortable at first but it's worth it IMO.







On a side note, it's pitch black in there pretty much but if you have a Lenser P7 as shown here it makes your pics come out far better and if you ever have a problem with focusing and getting well-exposed pics you're sorted! Take my advice, I found those a real bitch before and had to use a flashgun to paint but I got myself one of these and it's twice the pic quality, half the hassle!


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