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Report - Foley House, Essex - May 2019


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Foley House

History on Foley house

Foley House, Braintree, Essex. Foley (originally Folly) House, a Barnardo's Home for young boys, at 115 High Garrett, Braintree, was opened as a Barnardo's home in 1946. Originally accommodating thirty boys, it switched to being a mixed home from 1954 to 1960 and then again from 1972 onwards until its final closure in March 1981.

Foley house soon reopened and became a care home caring for the elderly but mainly specialising in care for the elderly that were blind and deaf. there were over 21 rooms in the house for residents some with en suite.
Foley house is made up of a three storey premises, together with basement area which has been extended at ground floor level.
The original building dates back from 1885
Foley House was sadly put into special measures in January 2016 after it was branded “not safe” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In a report released by the CQC they had received a number of concerns from the local authority and a registered manager had not been in place for seven months. One of the residents said they had not been outside for two years and people had “suffered harm”within the home.
“Medication was a big problem, along with staffing levels, record keeping and pretty much all of that.
Later being closed down after not meeting Care quality commission criteria, the CQC issued three warning notices for failing to have a registered manager and breaching regulations for safe care and treatment and person centred care. Around the 9th of June the home was closed down after being in special measures for months, after all residents were relocated elsewhere.
Because of the size of Foley House it had always been a home of some kind.

Now Foley house has been placed on the market for just under 2 Million and very recently has been bought
The building is being marketing as possessing the potential for development or conversion.

Hopefully they will convert the Building as it has some beautiful attributes and architecture inside and out.
When first getting into exploring I ended up going to Foley house when it first closed as I had met someone through exploring who had been given guardianship of the building while it was vacant, as his girlfriend at the time worked with the elderly in the home just before it closed. I went to pick the guy up for and explore and he showed us around the building. I remember standing and chatting admiring the staircase thinking what an awesome building it was back then so to have the chance to go back and have a decent look and take pictures was really exciting.

The Explore

After driving past here most days knowing it was empty thinking to myself I need to come back soon and take a look here.
Id recently seen it was up for sale and now has been sold so it put me off as I assumed it would be being worked on pretty quickly and start to be converted.

Anyway cut a long story short Id received a text from @mockney reject saying that Foley house was accessible. So as soon as I knew this I decided I was definitely going to go and have a look over the weekend.
After parking up we made our way into the building but as I crossed the car park.. Thought Shit we've been busted already only to later realise it was a resusci Anne doll propped up in the main window with a high-vis on to look like secca lol.

Anyways onto the building inside the first room was the conservatory day room/ Dining area.



Here's the pesky Resusci Anne doll i thought was secca when walking up to the building :p

Once getting into the main building there was a front office, lounge, Kitchen and staircase with a grand fireplace.




Down stairs there were two large living rooms one had bad water damage though.

another pretty and ornate fireplace.


Next onto the kitchen which was full of glasses and other crockery and strangely enough another creepy resus doll.




There were lots of rooms some with lots of items inside and other completely empty.



Most of the rooms with furniture in still had some personal belongings in like photos,cards and letters.



On each floor there were 2 wet rooms for residents that needed help with personal care or struggled to use a normal bathroom.



This room was one of the larger bedrooms in the house with lots of personal effects left here.


most of the rooms looked like this and had been left in a mess but others were fairly tidy and nice.


Hope you enjoyed my report and sorry about it being mainly pictures.

Here's an external shot I managed to get just before we left.


mockney reject

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Cheers Mockney - OK - little point in that case!
its been empty for bloody ages, its just a case of us locals being lazy lol

it had a live in guardian for a while who would actually let his mates in to have a look around lol

its pretty decent for a care home :)

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