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As usual, once again, an excuse for my bad English, I probably sound like a foreigner (It becomes so when you're only talk Swedish everyday) :D

The attentive reader of Penthouse Magazine in 1972, could read an article about: "In June Penthouse opens Resort Hotel in Yugoslavia".....
-"Opening in Yugoslavia - a magical island playground, destined to become the luxury resort of all time. Penthouse Adriatic, a breathtaking complex of luxury accommodation, gourmet restaurants, gaming rooms, swimming pools and vacation facilities, opens in Yugoslavia on June 15"

We start with reverse the clock a few years ... After the Second World War, the country "The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY)" was founded under the leadership of Josip Broz, aka Tito. The country did chose, in contrary to other socialist states, to not ally with the Soviet Union. Unlike many other socialist states had Yugoslavia in the mid-1960s, a large number of foreign tourists, mainly along the Adriatic coast, which is largely todays Croatia. In 1970 Croatia had 28 million tourist nights, and the very top was reached in 1985 with 67 million tourist nights. (That compares with 52 million tourist nights spent in Sweden in 2009....) There was simply a relatively simple way to pull in Western currency to the country.

The 1970s
During the 1970s many new major hotel was built along the Adriatic coast, and new roads were built quickly, which was a prerequisite for tourism, which grew by 10% per year. (But officially the roads was built to link the Federation's various republics, not to facilitate tourism .. hmmm) In 1965 as Bob Guccione founded Penthouse Magazine in England, followed by Penthouse Magazine in the U.S. 1969, and after that was Guccione's desire to challenge Playboy. Then we end up on the island of Krk at the top of the Adriatic Sea.

Building the Penthouse resort
Here did Penthouse build this immense resort, which reportedly cost $ 45,000,000 to complete. The main building had 30 pieces of single rooms and 184 double rooms, in 54 of the double rooms you could put an extra bed, giving a total capacity of 464 beds. In addition, there were 34 holiday village apartments with 3-6 beds. The casino could play everything from blackjack to American roulette, the bowling alley in the basement followed the U.S. standard, the main dining room could accommodate 500 seated guests. They was especially proud of the foyer and the large assembly room which had a huge fireplace.

In addition, there was of course pools, both outdoor and indoor (primarily for visitors in the winter), sauna, several bars, tennis courts, golf course, fountains and beautiful gardens. In addition, Krk in 1972 did have an airport just 12 minutes from the hotel, that could accommodate contemporary giants, both Boeing 707 and extended versions of the Douglas DC-9, so it was full speed for several years now, would have been fun been there! :cool:

What happened next?
It is short on some details. But in view of the "Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995" which was a consequence of the fact that Croatia and other republics declared themselves as independent states, free from the former Yugoslavia, with a protracted war that smashed the tourism in total, so I guess that this Hotel, like many others became more or less abandoned/bankruptcy.

The huge facility stands as a monumental ruins and shadow from Croatia as a holiday paradise 1970-1990. After the war ended and Croatia was recognized as its own sovereign state, so tourism is growing steadily again, and in view of the beautiful climate, nice people, so will Croatia and the Adriatic Sea once again become a magnet for tourists. But.... Penthouse Adriatic will probably never recover.... or... :popcorn

The whole gallery is here: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Utomlands/Kroatien/PenthouseAdriatic/









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I visited the casino this year, the state of decay compared to these photos from 2010 is massive. The site has taken a battering since then. Thanks for these.