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Report - Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. June 2014.


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I came to post this and noticed someone else has just posted a report. My photos seem to be of different things though, so I thought I'd still post them.

All the electric there is still on, computer servers are whirring etc, it seemed like every light in the whole place was switched on, and we had a go on a computer running Windows 95.
We got asked to leave by two friendly security guards so we didn't get to explore the whole site.

History of the site from wikipedia:

The hospital, situated in the grounds of a Georgian mansion, Frenchay Park, started life as a TB hospital (Frenchay Park Sanatorium) in 1921, when Bristol Corporation acquired the land. In 1931, five purpose-built buildings were constructed to extend the hospital beyond the original house.

Concerns about the possibility of heavy bombing casualties led to the hospital being greatly expanded between 1938 and early 1942. Although Bristol was severely bombed, the new facilities remained unused.

When US forces arrived in 1942, the city handed the new hospital facilities over to the Americans, as a sort of reverse Lend-Lease. The initial units of the Medical Corps were the 2nd and 77th Evacuation Hospitals and the 152nd Station Hospital. Further expansion to the facilities including 27 wards, occurred in late 1942 and it was occupied by the 298th General Hospital. Initially, the Americans used the hospital mainly as training facility for their medical staff. After D-Day, however, the hospital was used in earnest, the processing of casualties becoming a very slick operation under the control of the 100th and then 117th General Hospitals. Casualties were flown into Filton or arrived by train from the channel ports. Between 5 August and 31 December 1944 a total of 4,954 patients were discharged from Frenchay.

Although the Frenchay Tuberculosis hospital operated as a separate unit throughout the war, the patients were transferred elsewhere in 1947.

After World War II, the Americans handed the hospital back to the Corporation. The National Health Service acquired the hospital in 1948.

Over the last 60 years or so, the hospital facilities have been slowly modernized, but many wartime buildings are still very much in evidence.

Here are some photos:










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I spent a lot of my childhood wandering the corridors of this place.

It's mad to think it's closed now. Good work for documenting it!


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Thanks guys!:) Thought I'd make this my first post, because I don't usually make it to places before they get trashed!


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This is top notch mate, looks like a healthy amount of stuff left to see in there and you've taken brilliant pictures so you obviously know what you're doing. Great first report :thumb

By the way what is the actual deal with the pugs???


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Well this place really is in great condition!
Top report! Hope my first report is of this standard! haha.


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I went with eltictac, it was a funny funny little explore. Some real treasures. Looking at all the other reports on here, there is a lot we didn't get to see.

FYI, staying away from the main corridor is probably a good bet if you don't want to get kicked out. That's where we got caught.


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Looking at the other Frenchay reports it looks like we missed out on some good stuff. A combination of locked doors and security guards are to blame!

Here's one more area we went in that I've not seen any other photos of though:


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