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Report - Fullers earth works surrounding buildings - March ‘19

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Good effort on the first report, wasn't too hard was it? :thumb

You'll get a lot more out of the site if you use the Little Red Hen approach rather than the other farm yard animals, look forward to the next report.

Calamity Jane

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Theme park in Surrey???

Keepers I’ve heard has now been sold on.. I went there about a year ago there was working cctv, we walked through the woodland to get back onto the road to walk to the cars and as we left, security pulled up. But yeah I’ve heard it’s been sold on :/
yep sold, security every hour, so timing is key. yep theme park in Reigate camelot :D

surrey urbanex

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28DL Full Member
That bit your in was the former fullers earthworks sports & social club the burned out bit on the end was the main offices . The safe you found is one of three on site that one in a lil room behind whats left of the bar. a key safe in the control room before some one stole almost all of it . Im glad theres security there now it makes it more fun getting in we had parties there last year lit the place up like daytime it was midnite we sent that old place off in style. I made a unicorn be at fullers and we thought the place would look better lit for a nite . lol





Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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It’s in Chorley lol
Yep my mistake , Chorley lol. Oh my days its because ive travelled to Chorley, Reigate, Redhill, Lingfield, etc to do explores, It was late when I answered pmsl. well thats my excuse lol ;) yes that one is Lancashire , so no it was me being stupid. I've travelled so much I forget wheres wheres lol.
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28DL Full Member
I'd really like to join your exploring too if that's OK? I've only done keepers; which I recently posted a report on and flexlands, which I will be posting a report on once my laptop charger arrives, also flexlands has now been demolished

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