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  1. wilbur1812

    Report - Anglo Beef Processors, Blisworth - Feb 2022

    Anglo Beef Processors (or ABP for short) is one of the largest meat processing companies in Europe. During the mid-2000s they scaled back operations and both this and the similar but much smaller facility up in Bathgate were put on the chopping block. The facility originally opened under...
  2. Dan Dan The Urbex Man

    Report - CFN Packaging Group Ltd Skegness Lincolnshire April 2021

    Came across this disused industrial unit whilst driving around. It was a factory making polythene bags and other plastics. The business is still active they just relocated to a new site. This particular site has been derelict for many years and was surprised at how easy the access was. Just a...
  3. David54321

    Report - Unity Mill June 2021-2022

    If you’ve ever been the canal in woodley and seen it’s chimney, then you probably know of the mill here. Unity was a spinning mill turned into a chemical works and brewery abandoned in 2003. Some other threads explain it’s history better than me as I can’t find much, so check them out for a...
  4. MK83

    Report - Octel Bromine Works - Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales - January 2022

    History - Built around 1950 the Octel Bromine works produced bromine from sea water, the bromine was used to produce one of the main chemicals used in the production of anti-knock fluid. Anti-knock fluid is blended with petrol to prevent knock within an engine which can lead to damage and loss...
  5. L

    Report - Allen Brickworks 12th December 2021

    Recommended by a friend History ( copied from couple of other sites) Glazed brick manufacturers established by Henry Victor Allen (1887-1960), when he took over the Halifax Glazed Brickworks in 1905 in the Walterclough Valley. He converted the works to manufacture refractory bricks (glazed...
  6. MK83

    Report - J H Weatherby & Sons Falconworks - Hanley, Stoke - October 2021

    History - The Falconworks at Hanley was owned by John Henry Weatherby From 1891. From what we can find online the works already existed when J H Weatherby moved to the site but has been expanded and modified at various times since. In 1892 the works had 4 kilns and one in the process of being...
  7. A

    Report (Permission Visit) *Pic Heavy!* Shredded Wheat Factory - Welwyn Garden City - June 2021

    History Henry Perky invented the product we know today as 'Shredded Wheat.' After a while of selling his product, the formed a company called 'The Cereal Machine Company.' When building the Welwyn Garden City site, they decided to stick to the name 'The Shredded Wheat Company.' This site was...
  8. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Synthetical nylon factory - Italy - Aug, 2021.

    History: This former synthetical nylon factory was established back in the mid 20s by a German textile entrepreneur. At the time the factory location was chosen due to the close proximity to a lake and the Swiss border. After the opening the factory got into hard times due to sanctions and the...
  9. MK83

    Report - G Yorke and Sons Broom St Works - Stoke-On-Trent - August 21

    We spent a day mooching around Stoke and while this place has been covered loads we've had it on our list for a while so decided to have a look while we were there. History - There's very little to be found on this place. G Yorke and sons manufactured brushes and brooms. It looks like it was...
  10. TheBackpackExplorer

    Report - Holdings Pottery - Oswaldtwistle - August 2021

    First time newbie post - the fear is real… so be gentle! The History Founded in 1842 by James Holding on a large clay deposit in Lancashire, Holding's Country Pottery dug & processed its very own Clay prior to production. Originally located in Gaulkthorn during 1842 before a move in 1860 to...
  11. DE-eVOLVED SS3

    General - SHORTS TUNNELS, AIR RAID and FACTORY TOUR : Rochester, Kent : JULY 2021

    SHORTS TUNNELS KENT : JULY 2021 Attended as a guest upon invite. I will add the History blurb shortly... Please don't comment until after I have written some information about this place. I did manage to film most of it and have a 4 part youtube video covering most of the areas within.. But...
  12. MK83

    Report - Tarmac building materials - Little Lever, Bolton - July 2021

    History - Not really much history on this place. It was a factory that manufactured concrete construction goods. It looks like it was opened around 1948 and closed in 2019. Explore - We noticed an article about houses being built on the site of this place so we went for a quick look while in...
  13. DTFreedom

    Report - Ogre Heating Plant - Ogre, Latvia - October 2020

    Once upon a time during the year 1965, a big factory was built, at that time one of the largest buildings by footprint in the world. People moved from all across the country to work in this factory, but they needed a place to stay so Mālkalne was built - the first neighbourhood of what would...
  14. MaltedMilk

    Lead or Rumour info - Pilkington Glass Factory - Doncaster Demolished

    If you are local to Doncaster or the surrounding areas, we all know the one. I had heard that earlier on this year demolition had started on the workshops end of factory so I decided that before the year was out I was going to take one last venture into the red floored legend. Sadly, upon...
  15. MK83

    Report - Springside Paper Mill, Belmont, Bolton - December 2020

    History - Original built in the early 1800's as a dye works it was converted into a paper mill by Charles Turner & Co in the mid 19th century. It was sold to Canadian company Kruger after 150 years of operation to be used as a tissue factory. It eventually closed in 2007 after almost 200 years...
  16. _Tylermarkjones

    Report - First spot, Factory North Wales

    Hello everyone, first time posting after many years of lurking with no account! Finally got round to visiting this site in north Wales, didn’t stay too long as I forgot to bring a torch an it was getting dark. Anyone have any ideas of what it use to be? Looking forward to being apart of this...
  17. K

    General - Dairy Crest factory Torrington.

    Dairy Crest factory at Torrington Devon November 2020, a very interesting set of buildings abandoned since 1993. Love some the graffiti in there, some real talent. Next time I visit I’ll put the drone up and maybe explore more of the place.
  18. UrbexSuffolk

    Report - ICI Imagedata, Brantham, Essex, October 2020, nighttime explore

    First Report here! This has already been covered many times on 28dl. However it is still a proper explore and was fun to see. It is, as said before; heavily vandalized and there is a looming feeling that demolition is near. History of this site: There is a lot of confusing history around the...
  19. TrippPhotography

    Report - Pine End Works - Lydney - Forest Of Dean - Gloucestershire - 12/17 Explore - 2020 Update

    Hi all, new here so this is my first actual thread (apart from the newbie intro one). Got it on Pine End Works in Lydney. Unfortunately i havent been able to explore it since 2018, but i do have some images i would like to share and also give an update which has only happened 2019/2020, so just...
  20. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Liverpool Factorys - September 2018

    My friend and I were up in Liverpool visiting a friend who had recently moved up there and went for a stroll along the docks. Not entirely sure if the warehouses are complelty abandoned but from what I could see they were empty and unoccupied. Due to nearby construction workers we could not gain...