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Report - - Gasworks,Ramsgate,September 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Gasworks,Ramsgate,September 08

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north star

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This place is shut down and no longer is use, the detereation to the steel work is unbelivably rotton.
Not recognising how rotton it was from the road at a distance i originaly came here to climb the laddesr and make my way to the top.
After gaining access to the yard i made my way towards the towers noticing they had harris fencing surrounding the base.
Not a good sign so i followed the fencing looking for an entry point until i saw signs stuck to it FALLING OBJECTS and another DEEP WATER this is when i say the ladders and realised that climbing it was a no go.


This the building standing infront of the tower the head offices or iam saying. Its got all the same transco signs fixed to it as the main gates to the towers yard..


The gas tower itself.


As you can probably see from the paint work you would have to be mantally ill to attempt to scale this. It was absolutly ROTTON..:mad:



This topped it for me. If theres falling objects it definatly wasnt going to be me.


Found this shed in the corner with some fancy gauges on the wall.




So i left still in 1 piece.....:D:D

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