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Report - - Gaydon bomb store/Barford St John airfield | Military Sites |

Report - Gaydon bomb store/Barford St John airfield

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Jon P

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
nice day on saturday and was out this way so took a drive to have a look at them, been discussing Gaydon for ages and no one knew what was going on there so went to put that one to bed.

from this thread here

out in the middle of nowhere like most of these places, but close enough to what was the airfield, now the motor museum and test track.

seems to be very much used still, plenty of fresh fencing and CCTV around the place.


nice little guard hut, no one home


then we went on to Barford St john, looked very much disused and the one and only gate was open, not that there is a perimeter fence any more either.
and no one there other than a lot of sheep, so went in and had a look round.

comms in the middle, no one there by the looks of things, but still new looking, then another building further down the runway, then all the aerials around the field. there for a good hour and half wandering around, the runway took a lot longer to get round.




then back to the main gate. where as i got into my car the MOD police turned up,

"is there any particular reason you're parked up here sir?"

sh*t sh*t sh*t i'm thinking

" just been for a walk round the airfield"

" a walk?? you do know you're not supposed to go in there, its private property"

" ok i'm sorry i thought it was disused as the gate was open"

"the gates open? any way for next time, you're not supposed to in there, its private property"

" i'm really sorry i didn't know but yes have a look at the gate its open"

"oh it is open, erm ok"

then spoke about my car thats another story but two good chaps, just wondered where they came from, not really a local base to any where and they didn't know we had been inside, so we hadn't been spotted/tracked by the CCTV cameras on the compound.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Only just seen this report from 2007. Surprised it was quiet, Barton St John comms compound is part of the US set up at nearby Croughton. Certainly at Croughton I can imagine our US cousins would be a bit more assertive in their approach to casual tresspassers. Good opportunistic visit though.