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Report - George Dyke Forgemasters, Willenhall, May/June 2014


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First visited here a few weeks back, but on looking at photos and since it was pouring with rain, most photos had water splodges on them..
Since i was in the area recently to re-visit a site that eluded me first time around, I managed to drum up the energy to make another trip... hurrah for energy drinks(!)
Visited twice, first time alone after a long drive down and trying to find anywhere suitable to sleep undisturbed, which was quite a feat judging by the amount of sirens that kept waking me up in the small hours.... and the second time I visited the place, was a nice sunny morning, accompanied by Hamtagger. Thanks Speed, for bringing this little site to the attention of everyone, it certainly is a lovely little place to mooch about it (when its not bucketing down with rain!)

Info from the Dyke website:-
The original site in Willenhall at Doctors Piece was once a piece of land belonging to Doctor Richard Wilkes, which eventually passed into the ownership of the Chapel of Ease estate. During the cholera epidemic in 1849, the land at the side of the forge was hastily turned into a burial ground and some 211 victims are believed to buried there.

George Dyke has produced metal forgings for nearly 200 years and during this time it has been able to establish itself as a major name working at the forefront of the metal forgings industry.

Through on going investment in new skills and equipment, George Dyke is able to support the most demanding of industry needs




















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Nice report. :thumb
I like the machinery here. This is another one I'm gutted I missed :(
cheers. Although you havent missed it, im sure its not going anywhere soon :)

pic 3... imagine walking about and looking up at that on your own at 4am in the morning..!


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Lol... yep I think it was only the energy drinks and nicotine that was keeping me awake... until I eventually gave in and decided the better option was laying in the sun :D


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Another great report, nice to see someone has poured ink all over the draftsmen table already...


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28DL Full Member
Looks alright this i love these places you can spend ages just rummaging about some nice machinery in there too. Seems it was worth the effort and lack of sleep.


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Another great report, nice to see someone has poured ink all over the draftsmen table already...
yes, it wasnt until i got back and looked at earlier reports that I noticed that someone had done that... completely mindless act really :(
Also, from my first visit to the second, there was a load of rubbish bags/boxes opened up and strewn about that were untouched before.