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Report - - Gesundbrunnen Air Raid Shelter, Berlin | Underground Sites |

Report - Gesundbrunnen Air Raid Shelter, Berlin

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OT/Raddog - On the grounds that this site is open to the public I thought it would be ok to post some specific pics. If you think I shouldn't have done then please remove and let me know!

So... This shelter is built below the Gesundbrunnen station of BVG (Berlin metro) for use during World War 2. It is now the HQ of the Berlin Unterwelten Association (website here) and, as well as alllowing tours through the bunker they exhibit relics dug up from other Berlin WW2 sites. I must admit they told us quite a lot about the shelter but I can't remember much :confused:

The way in (from a discrete door in the U-Bahn station)





Some of the exhibits



So not only has Berlin got its own underground association, they are well regarded by the city, caretake a number of sites around Berlin and are often called in when new sites are found.

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