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Report - Gildersome Tunnel, Leeds, March 19


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The LNWR’s ‘new’ main line into Leeds incorporated a 1 in 70 descent through Gildersome Tunnel - a formidable 2,331-yard structure.
When after its closure, the M62 and M621 were built over it, a section extending from the southern portal was infilled with 30,000 cubic yards of colliery waste for reinforcement. Although this end is now buried, the eerie northern entrance still survives, along with the stone retaining walls of its approach cutting.http://www.forgottenrelics.co.uk/tunnels/gallery/gildersome.html

Only Northern Portal Remains

Prity much flooded on entry

Looking out of the little side room first one ive ever seen in a tunnel

Looking in the storage space / whatever it was

Looking back at portal after it was abit drier

Back to flooded again

Definatly going to plan another trip here as i never made it to the open shaft which is near middle i believe but only had wellies waders next time for sure.


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it's quite a trek to the block wall, trudging through water & dirt
a 4 gas is essential as there's bad air in here.

very good work attempting this :thumb


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the door is now locked (welded) shut,
highways england (the tunnels custodian) contactors access through air shaft no. 2 for annual inspections.


Doug Judy

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Are you on a mission to vivit all of the abandoned tunnels in UK? fair play if u are!
Not as such although it’ll probably end up something like that, amazing how many tunnels there are which aren’t listed on most mainstream sites, Some aren’t really worth the time or effort as there’s dozens only marginally longer than an average bridge! Lol

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