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Report - GKN fasteners, Birmingham

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Myself and Raddog took another drive around the black country y'day. We had a couple of targets and found this on the way. It is the front buildings of the former GKN factory, who made all manor of bolts, screws and fastners. I would date the building at Late 40's early 50's, but most of the interior has been furnished in the 1970's. The whole building is full of features of a by gone era of sales and customer service, with a 'theatre' which I assume was for showing sales films. There is also various displays, 'slide screen' rooms, and lavish wood paneled offices with built in OHP screens which pulled down. In the basement is a dark room and recording studio!! Nice find, just a pity we missed the factory!!

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Does anyone know if these symbols spell out J.K.N in some sort of alphabet?