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Report - Globe Mill 2 - Slaithwaite - January 2016

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Globe Mill 2 - Slaithwaite



In 1887 several small manufacturers in the Slaithwaite area joined forces to create the Globe Worsted Company, producers of textiles. They set about building a large mill, typical of the era, to house their manufacturing enterprise. Globe Worsted Mills were built in two stages – the construction of the first, Globe 1 began straight away in 1887 and was completed by the following year. Built to a design which was possibly drawn up by local architect Thomas Varley of Slaithwaite, Globe 1 was 5 stories high and consisted of 33 bays. A detached boiler house, chimney and offices were also included on the site between the canal and road.

In the second phase, Globe 2 was built in 1889 on the opposite side of the road, with an overhead walkway connecting the two buildings. Globe 2 was 5 stories plus a basement, and had 15 bays.

The Globe Worsted Company went from strength to strength over the years, and like many other textile mills saw a gradual decline in trade towards the end of the 20th century. The company went into administration in 2004 and closed later that year.

The site has recently been sold to a private developer and a £30 million project is under way to renovate the buildings into a multi-use complex comprising public and business facilities. The chimney has been demolished as part of the works.

Globe 1 is currently well under development, the link tunnel across Bridge Street having being demolished. Globe 2 currently lies quiet behind the current development. When work starts on this is unknown at present.

My Visit

As with many mills in this valley I have tried and failed, Globe 1 sits across the road and is now being developed; I didn't want to miss out on chance to see Globe 2. For the last few years I have had a stroll around the exterior knowing a few folk have managed to get in previously. This mill is one that you just have to bide your time and it may pay off. Alas it didn't for Globe 1 for me.

After a few aborted attempts I finally found myself inside, a big grin came across my face as I hooked my camera to the tripod and swung the torch around the basement.


The mill itself is fairly empty, however it is in a great condition. Huge open floors, cast iron pillars and timber floors.


The first floor was open, nice to have some natural light. Paint peeling from the roof.


The second floor is a bit more interesting, some weigh scales and the odd bit of plant.




A side stair well takes you up to the third floor and some old office equipment at the top.



This floor has about the only evidence that this was once a cotton mill in days gone by.


Looking back on the third floor.


The fourth floor was probably the home of the offices, some lovely wallpaper is present in what would have been an office or showroom.




The 5th floor is again open and has some great colours.



Probabl ey the most symmetrical of the floors too.


The upper floor again is open, but some nice features and views from here.



Finally the lift motor room at the top of the mill.


A couple of the views from the upper floor, there is roof access, however the roof ladder have seen better days which would take you to the edge of the mill.



A quick photo from the lift on the way back down.


Back in the basement, there are a few boxes full of ledgers and account if that floats your boat.


Well that's it, a grand mill and not trashes at all. Was great to finally see inside these walls, shame I missed Globe Mill 1.


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Nice ones :thumb even with a few of the set up shots ;)

I only managed Globe 1 in 2014 couldn't access 2 due to busybodies and never returned . Thought it would have all been converted by now with the big plans they had so that's a surprise.
Saying that Globe 2 actually looks better than I remember Globe 1 being.although it looks better alongside the Canal


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Yeah I missed globe1 but I did enjoy a mooch here...

There was just enough left to make it more notable than the others in the area in my opinion...


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Really nice pics and report. Looks a really nice mooch around. Gratz on getting in.