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Report - - Goodyear tyres, building44, Wolverhampton - 10/02/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Goodyear tyres, building44, Wolverhampton - 10/02/08

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you lost the game
28DL Full Member
After being informed that this place didn't have long left i took a trip out to have a look today with A man called Martin
Unfortunately i went in whilst wearing my bloomin sunglasses and had left my normal glasses in the car so couldn't see very well. The clock tower and original office buildings need to be done too, and soon. Our visit was cut short by the imminent loss of light and a rather close call with the security guard and his dog:eek:

The Goodyear tyre and rubber company first had a factory in Wolverhampton in 1927, during the war it made tyres for aircraft, making it the second biggest manufacturer of aircraft tyres in Britain. In recent years the amount of staff has been reduced with the majority of the site being shut down with only a fraction of the site remaining active.

Building44 was a large manufacturing hall spread over three levels, no doubt not the best building on the site but it was a start, anyway the pics...









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Re: Goodyear tyres, building44, Wolverhampton - 10/02/08 REPORT

Went to have a look at this with dweeb, demolition is certainly going ahed pretty quick, although what isn't demolished was pretty live!

Dodging the forklifts we found the clocktower and that's another one in the bag!


As you can tell from this pic, dweeb was over the moon to be up here...