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Report - Goodyear Wolverhampton Works

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After we had a quick look at Goodyear of a nighttime I was keen to get back to photograph it in the day. I was shocked at how much we had already missed... "Central Avenue" is now the very edge of the buildings!!

The fine 30's clock tower was all the better in the light, although we did notice the stairs we had charged up in the dark were in fact rotten as a pear!! The first ladder/staircase was missing from the tower so it took a bit of thought and investigation to find a way up! The clock workings have been missing for many many years, but the development plans include the restoration of the tower... have you ever seen such a tall flagpole!

The works was not as derelict as it looked... lights on and pallets of chemicals dropped off only days earlier. I had hoped to get into the boiler house, as the company website of the developers claimed it was to be demolished in April. This cannot be the case as it is still fully in use!! So I would think the landmark chimney will be around for a while yet!! While we did not get in it we did get very close so I was pleased with the days results!


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