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Report - Grabowsee Sanatorium- September 2017


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Built as a Sanatorium in 1896, then used as a Military hospital from 1945-1995. Is supposedly being renovated by a small independent educational charity, but since they are asking for €40-50 million to do this I don't think it will be any time soon

Had no idea what to expect here as I hadn't seen pictures from here for a couple of years and the last I heard it was being renovated. A nice walk through the woods and a canal to get here, and it appeared a large new security fence had been put in place, but luckily found a way.

The whole place has a bit of a staged feel due to the arty exhibits which have been put in place by the school kids, but a lot of these are very interesting and make a nice mooch (I didn't really get any good pictures of these).










Had been here for a couple of hours and still hadnt seen what I came to see, and at that point security drove up to the building I was at and got out with a couple of dogs. Lay low for a bit and luckily passed through the hall on my way out :thumb


Thanks for looking.


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Nice report!

I really enjoyed my visit here a few years back although I didn't get to see a huge amount as there was quite a large film crew on site!


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Cheers, yeah I was surprised I didn't bump into anyone, every report I'd seen before seems to mention some large group being there, got lucky I guess!

A lot of signs of recent activity though


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@Six if you watch ‘Macklemore ft Leon Bridges - Kevin’ This place is in the video, thought I recognised it from somewhere!