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Report - Greenbank Synagogue, Liverpool - March 2014


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After the First World War, and into the mid-1920s, the Jewish population began to move away from Liverpool city centre to the wealthier suburbs. In 1928, the Hope Place Congregation began looking for a new site to build a larger synagogue and in 1935 this site was chosen and the lease for the site obtained from the City Corporation. Greenbank synagogue was built in 1936 to a design by architect Alfred Ernest Shennan and consecrated on August 15,1937. It became a refuge for homeless families in the Blitz. The building shut for good on January 8 2008 after its congregation dwindled to fewer than 40, with only one service being held a week.

This was something a bit different and good to see it before it gets fooked! Visited with MD, Boothy, Mr Sam, and WIMR who was our guide for the day, cheers! :)












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Nice ones . And Everybodies shot"s are slightly different as there"s so much to see :)

It"s a fantastic place IMO but for how long is anyone guess.

I was disappointed to see some of the Brass "Fanny" plaques had been removed off the left hand wall when i visited.

And if i ever move home again i"ll arrange for some Urbexer"s to do the heavy moving of furniture and Piano"s etc as i"ve never seen stuff moved about so much in such a short time :D

And never met so many explorers either :)


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Great report and pic's goldie, good to meet you on this one, and I've never bumped into as many explorers before in one site, in 3 hours I met around 14 explorers, one or two familiar ones also.


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Yeah all the overgrowth/undergrowth had been removed externally just last week by contractors with Plant. And it was only a matter of time, especially with the high amount of traffic going through they"d speed things up.

I"m just surprised they didn"t seal it up at the same time ? but then it might still be open after 5pm :)


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Can someone let me know for sure I'm planning to go tomorrow or Sunday