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Report - Handbag Culvert, Loughborough, Leicestershire - March 15'

Miss Mayhem

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Thanks for a fun explore KM Punk and The Shepshed Diamond Back, Good find : )


Thank you KM Punk for letting me use your history, much appreciated.

Loughborough is a town founded in the Soar Valley, located on a river terrace slightly above the Nanpantan flood plains. Over time, Loughborough expanded and the waterways got in the way but came in handy when the Loughborough Navigation was built in 1778. This used water from Woodbrook and the River Soar to maintain the required water levels for the Navigation to run. With the expansion of Loughborough in the 19th century and the need of a fresh water source for the Town’s population, something had to be done about Woodbrook getting in the way. The town’s planners made the decision to run Woodbrook through the centre of Loughborough, in a culvert in 1870. This was done to provide a fresh flowing water supply following a Cholera outbreak in 1848, prompted by the board of health demanding a solution to the problem. This was intended to be a cheaper, simplified version of Bazalgette’s sewers built 10/20 years previous, but Loughborough’s had now pumps and relied on the brook’s natural flow. There are sections where the brook is open, mainly outside of the town centre, with the occasional culvert under a road or estate. In the town centre itself, the majority of the brook is below ground, just how I like it, with the occasional opening to provide access for maintenance. In the 1990’s parts of the culverts under the town centre were repaired or rebuilt with concrete.








Thanks for looking : )

Miss Mayhem

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28DL Full Member
Thank you, it was quite dark down there and was just a case of trail and error at times, but was very good fun :thumb
Thanks, Looking foward to more drainage ahead : )

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