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Report - Harperbury Hospital | March 2017

Ellie Fursland

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It was known as Harperbury Hospital for 61 years and has been a fixture of the area's mental health scene since 1928. It had two sister institutions, Shenley Hospital and Napsbury Hospital, within a few miles of its location.

In 1973 the scaling down process began. The hospital farm was closed. In 1974 a discharge programme was set up to help patients integrate into the outside communities. Patients began moving out of Harperbury and into the outside world.


Harperbury was extremely easy to access. We wondered around a few of the buildings that are absolutely destroyed due to graffiti and the weather etc. Even though there was pretty much nothing left of some of the buildings, it was still a great explore. We made our way round to the less destroyed buildings and explored one of those, then moved on to a building with no way in but a broken window. We explored this site for about 3 hours before we ended up face to face with security and no choice but to leave. However, the other security guard din't seem to care we were there because it was obvious we were just taking photos and not damaging anything.

I really would suggest seeing this place as quick as possible because its getting more and more destroyed as the days go by.


This was the first building we went into, the light in this photo is what really made it beautiful.


The other end of the first building we explored.


We found many rooms like this where the baths were all rotten and deteriorating.


An old control panel.


My friend loves sitting in places high up, he didn't move from here for over 10 minutes.


The boys wanted a group photo in the top floor windows.


This is what I call the gardens.


Garden 2


Garden 3


In the entire place, we found only one room completely burnt, but a brand new leather chair just
sat in the middle.


Thanks for reading! I would highly recommend this place, there's many little gems here that we didn't get the chance to explore.

Heroic J

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Went there yesterday myself with my mate, security seemed to have moved but that doesn't really bother me

Ellie Fursland

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28DL Full Member
Went there yesterday myself with my mate, security seemed to have moved but that doesn't really bother me
Security have moved? I want to go back as we didn't get a chance to explore the best parts! Where have they moved to?

Heroic J

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They've always had a hut there. But rarely, if ever, occupied.
Never saw it there when I went three times in a row in December, but that could just be a recent move...it was occupied this time when I went last Monday


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The security at Harperbury is very strange. I've seen a bloke with a dog walk straight past me and another time met some real nasty types who have a right go. I've also seen Police patrolling the site. The hut when I last went was just off the main drive when entering the hospital. It's always been there afaik. I think it's fair to say security don't give a shit about the wrecked part.

I suppose part of it is that it's still a live hospital of sorts.

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