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Report - Hartwood Hospital, Nursing accommodation/college - April 2016


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This building was once part of Lanarkshire district asylum, later to be known as hartwood hospital. It acted as a college and accommodation for the nurses. After being open since the 19th century it was closed in 1998 by the Lanarkshire health board.

After hearing about the recent fire at Hartwood on the news, and never managing to get into the nursing accommodation I thought it was time to go back before it got demolished/converted due to heightened coverage in the local news/media.

After getting off the train we were dismayed when we saw workmen on the bridge across the railway, and vans/trucks with people in them at the entrance.


One of the vans on the bridge

We decided the best plan was to skirt round the back to avoid the workmen and ended up going though a back path. Soon we were outside the nurses accomidation. Just 7ft spiked fences and questionable access stood in our way to getting in.


Some huffing and puffing later we managed to climb the fence and were in the grounds.

Soon after getting over the fence we could see some workmen in orange high vis jackets walking down the field next to it. We werent sure if they saw us, but not waiting about to see if they had we swiftly went round to the front of the building.

After even more huffing and puffing we were inside.




At the very bottom, where all the windows are bricked up its pitch black. Very spooky :eek:



There's always a chair...


View of the towers


You know you are in Scotland when you find buckfast in an abandoned asylum:D






Completly forgetting that there were workers nearby, we got a rude surprise when we saw a van drive up to the entrance gate. Then for quickly drive off. I just managed to get a snap of it driving off.


Seeing it as our que to leave we made a speedy exit.

Although there was a lot of empty rooms and repetitiveness to the building I am glad I went back to Hartwood for one last time to "complete" it. Also it just has that spooky atmosphere,created by the large ominous natures of the buildings and constant cawing of the crows that adds to the experience.

On our way out we saw a wood chipper and realized that the workers were not contractors, but tree loggers. Employed by Scotrail to cut down trees along the railway. :D

Thanks for reading,


Idle Hands

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28DL Full Member
Well done for that! I wandered round that fence myself last month but in the pouring rain gave it up as a bad job and went to Gartloch instead.

Not sure if you noticed the structural cracks in the towers of the main hospital - I always thought they would just stand there until they were pulled down but it looks like those corner stair turrets are starting to pull away from the main part...

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