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Report - - Hartwood Mental Hospital, Lanarkshire, 1-3-08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Hartwood Mental Hospital, Lanarkshire, 1-3-08

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28DL Full Member
After a very long day trekking all over the glasgow/falkirk part of scotland (the grey bit LOL), and managing to leave my camera bag and a camera in the tesco's cafe somewhere in glasgow :eek:, we'd found a hotel, found dinner, and drink..

then whilst markus + mykal slept, shepy and I stole mykal's car to go and take some pictures of the MASSHOVE oil refinery @ falkirk. We pulled over on the public road that goes thru the site, and literally within 30sec's of being stationary a security wagon pulls up and prompty tries to hold us under terrorism act :crazy. So we promptly left (the side of a public road :mad:) and headed for the falkirk wheel for some night shots.
But couldn't get close, the fat chav is not very good at directions.

So at round midnight (been up for 18hrs) we decided it would be a good idea to strike out for broomhill, then decided broomhill was a bit hit and miss on access, so went to Hartwood in the dead of night :p

IT was windy, raining like only scotland knows how, but somehow, we did it.


aerial shot of the remains of what used to be the largest mental hospital in europe, (wel this part and hartwoodhill 1/2 mile up the road, whcih were at one point LINKED in the middle! thats how massive they were!).

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this guys has some exterior shots (over THREE albums, bout 60photos) showing what the hospital was like when it was complete, no idea of the year, but would guess rate late 80's or VERY early 90's :)


stairway to non burn't tower


in the window'd room, below clock level. WE darn't venture any higher, as the floor was in a very dubious condition, even under my weight it felt like it was well past its sell by date :(


the stairs which are sound, but couldn't get to them, not safely, they would have lead to the clock room, and then to the roof.


pann over the upper floors of admin. all this area was gutted by fire in 2004! a dubious fire it was too :freak Apprently it gutted the diner + hall which was above it, but from the aerial shots (before and after) I just can't figure where it was, unless it was above one of the larger kitchens :(


the main corridoor that ran from admin out into what used to be mass's of corriodoors and wards, and now just a useless block'd off job :mad:


I loved these lamps, they reminded me of a shopping centre.


showing th cast iron work and suspended glass that made these unique corridoors. Can only image how light and airy it must have felt, compared to the other UK asylums dark and dingy corridoors.


showing cross section of end of the big corridoor, this used to head out into the hospital for about 4-500m in either direction, then the northerly one turned a corner and went for another 200m :eek:
sorry for the purple towers, lights weren't strong enough to paint it, and it was raining again


fresh water valves at bottom of tower (assume there was a water tank on top floor of tower, but didn't get that far due to the dodgy floors).


very recognisable siloette


ah, thats better!
Security was sound asleep in his cabin, so lit her up with ze big guns :cool:, and iso800 (= noise'tastic).


we made sure he was awake when we left LOL.


oh whats this, another site 1/2 a mile up the road you say? lets go.....

oh hold on, its 2am, best get some sleep, as we're up at 6.30 for another day of exploring :D

to make up for lack of hartwood photos, heres some of the falkirk wheel, in the rain, got soaked for these so better bloody enjoy them! No they're not out of focus, its the rain!


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