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Report - - Hatfield Peverel ROC Post - Essex Group - 10/2/2008 | ROC Posts |

Report - Hatfield Peverel ROC Post - Essex Group - 10/2/2008

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On our way back from Severalls Hairy's sat nav alerted us that there was a ROC post nearby. None of us had ever been to a ROC post before except Firefly so we thought we should go check it out. We got ridiculously excited about the whole thing and rushed across the field to get to it! Wraith and Hairy were so excited that they ran off infront of us HAHA! Hairy, Wraith and me clambered down the rusty ladder as fast as we could to catch a glimpse of what was inside...we were met with a toally stripped out post with rancid water on the floor and a few bits of mouldy wood :( the air was foul and Hairy went green and ran back up the ladder...I clambered back up to find him heaving up his lunch :eek:!

All in all a bit of a dissapointment but extremely comedy once we were all back in the car! Hairy, it was blatantly all the excitement that made you puke mate lol! All I can say least there was an orlit! I don't think this minging ROC post has put any of us off though...can't wait to find a mint one!

Here are the pics:

Hairy and Wraith in the decidedly un-mint ROC post

Hairy running up the ladder!

Wraith peeking out of the post!

Me 'digging' the orlit :) taken by Wraith.

Firefly taking some arty shots :p

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