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28DL Full Member
Has anyone got any info on the caves which are locked and gated at the bottom of Henbury woods. I would love to explore but obviously they are locked so can't but can't find any info on them.
Or any links for any abandoned buildings locally to Totnes South Devon that are easily accessible as have kids in tow thanks



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Did you even try Googling it?

"Along the riverbank there are old mine adits and workings - evidence of silver,lead and copper mining that once occurred."

"Bats, other than the greater horseshoe, also hibernate, roost and breed in the caves, mines and buildings of Dartmoor Natural Area. Most notable of these in the lesser horseshoe bat, of which there is at least one large nursery."

"Together with three other SSSIs in south Devon they form a candidate Special Area of Conservation under the European Habitats Directive. Both Hembury Woods and Lydford Gorge SSSIs contain old mine adits which are used by bats."

There's plenty of info on the first 3 hits.