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  1. Elcamino;)

    Report - De Belle Vue caves and witch’s kitchen-December 2023

    Good afternoon Blade Runners, today I’m going going to talk about what I was doing with my £200 monthly train ticket to Canterbury. And that’s “having a break while switching trains” at Ramsgate so I can do some exploring when I’m not at work. The Witch’s Kitchen The Witch’s kitchen cave is...
  2. S

    Report - Beech Caves, Staffordshire

    This is my first report here, recently explored Beech caves near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. A brief history (according to what could be found on google); Beech Caves is a system of man made caves which spans an area of about 2400 sq meters. When the caves were first built is unknown, but...
  3. L

    Report - Winspit Quarry, Dorset Coast - July 2020

    Hey! I’m new here and just wanted to share my first explore. I’m based in Hampshire/Wiltshire/new forest and have lots of locations on my list to explore so expect more posts in the near future. Couldn’t find any info here on this one so apologies if it’s been done to death already. Abandoned...
  4. Ferret

    Cave Rescue - Important Announcement

    Hello everyone I hope you're all keeping well. It should go without saying, but after seeing a couple of people are still venturing underground at the moment, I thought it may be worth mentioning all Cave Rescue Organisations in the UK have asked that we stop exploring underground during the...
  5. B

    Question - Mines & Quarries in SW England

    Hi everyone, I’ve just recently joined on here and recently visited Browns Folly mine twice in the past week, I’m new to exploring but loved Browns mine, in our group we entered through Muddy Hole and explored for about 4 hours, we managed to find the well and the generator room with the stone...
  6. mexistorm

    Question - Hembury woods Buckfast Devon

    Has anyone got any info on the caves which are locked and gated at the bottom of Henbury woods. I would love to explore but obviously they are locked so can't but can't find any info on them. Or any links for any abandoned buildings locally to Totnes South Devon that are easily accessible as...