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Report - - High Royds Asylum By Night 12th January 2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - High Royds Asylum By Night 12th January 2008

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The Great Waldo

I know its been covered on here a lot recently, and is becoming a popular site, but mnot many people have gone there at night... probably for the reasons we found out about an hour into the visit...

Just took a picture from the window of the clock tower and a bulding across from us lit up with car headlights, only to appear then a white van with 2 security wandering about shining their torches around the building. We decided to keep quiet only to realise on going back downstairs ANOTHER white van was circling the site! By now, we had stopped using our torches and decided to cut the trip short before we got caught.

On the plus side though it was a good explore, and we got to see quite a bit.

Please excuse my shots, we were a bit rushed and couldnt use torches for much of the trip.

PS forgot to mention there is a wireless sender unit on the front right hand side of the main admin building, would definatley not reccomend walking past this thing ady or night, as i am fairly confidfent this alerted security to where we were...








Thanks for looking..

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