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Report - High Royds Isolation Unit, August 2011


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Visited with Landie, Mrs Landie and my other half DragonFlame.

A bit of a disappointment/fail this one. I'd always known there'd be contractors on site (always has been, looking at the archives) but I stupidly hadn't banked on there being so many because I know this has been done WITH them on site. Considering how many there were and the activity going on we personally didn't stand a chance of getting past them, so we stuck with the isolation hospital which was easily accessible and away from the activity. For what it offered and while it lasted it was a reasonably good explore, with plenty of nice decay and some nice details. Drawing comparison to Fairmile's isolation unit, there's not much difference size wise and features, but on one hand this is better because there's more of an atmosphere, decay and some visible original detail (albeit not much). On the other hand, I couldn't get upstairs because the floors were too dangerous (Fairmile had no upstairs though) and it lacked that made it stand out i.e art or stuff left in situ. Fairmile's was also more interesting in that it was a lot more secure with toughened glass and a low-security prison-esque (nowhere near as high but nonetheless) fence.

We went back to High Royds in the evening but by the time we got there it was too dark to take pictures let alone properly navigate. I would have taken pics using my flashgun to paint the place but I didn't want to give myself away to security (nearly walked into their cabin which was hidden) or curtain twitchers. Worse still there's a lot of corridor bricking making it a real bitch to navigate.

Since I'm going up to Manchester in September there's no doubt I'll make an effort to get back here but something tells me that I won't be able to get in admin, considering the fact that they've installed lighting and CCTV there but nonetheless it'll be worth the effort (Zero81 I'm gonna PM you soon because I need your advice on something).


Police windows from when this was used in a film/TV set in the 1990s

Female day room

Cell doors



Male day room

Self portrait



Thanks anyway,



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