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Report - Hippodrome, Derby - April 2019


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Derby Hippodrome was a 2,000(ish) capacity theatre Designed by Newcastle-upon-Tyne architects Marshall and Tweedy.

During its opening year in 1914:


It later became a cinema (after the advent of 'talkies') and later a theatre again featuring shows by stars of the era including Cliff Richard, Morecambe and Wise and Ken Dodd.

In the 60's Mecca purchased building and it became a Bingo venue until 2007. It was then purchased by Christopher Anthony for £325,000 who had plans to turn the listed building into a multi-storey car park denied.

Under the pretence of the guise of carrying out repairs Mr Anthony instructed ‘A B Demolition’, to bring a large excavator onto the site and commence the demolition of the building. Fortunately, there was an intervention and the demolition work was stopped but not before substantial sections were destroyed including the removal of structural metal beams supporting the roof, the side walls, stage house and flytower (quoted from theheritagetrust.org.uk).

The partial demolition in March 2008:


Arson attacks in 2011 and again in 2016 seriously damaged the building. The Derby Hippodrome Restoration Trust is now pushing for full restoration.

As it stands today


The view of the stage upon entering


The seats were removed and stored under the seating area (and subsequently destroyed during a fire)


Remains of the seating


Some bingo memorabilia still lying around



View from the roof


The fire damage was way worse than I imagined in certain areas


And a few other bits and bobs






Overall a very sad explore. Previous owners and the local apes have completely destroyed this once very grand building in the heart of my home city.

If anyone from the Restoration Trust reads this report then I wish you all possible success for the future of the Hippodrome.
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Thank you!

I can't see the restoration trust getting anything going in the near future since the building is still privately owned :confused:
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Great report & photos, still worth a visit i would say as theres plenty to photograph.

You got NO chance if you think that place will ever be restored though, it is not cost effective, it will end up being knocked down and built into small cardboard flats, as many they can cram in the space.

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