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Report - - Holiday Pigments & Chimney - Hull 11.06.08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Holiday Pigments & Chimney - Hull 11.06.08

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After finally conquering the British Extracting tower and Rank Hovis in Hull over the last few months there was only one place left to go in Hull that was higher.
Holiday Pigments created dye etc and is a large factory complex a few hundreds metres up the road from British Extracting.
Having only shut down a couple of months ago, we weren't exactly sure what to expect security and access wise.
Zerocool had scoped the place out a couple of times and found the best way in which proved to be relatively straight forward. Once in we had pretty much free reign.
Security did to a tour in a van at one point, but this wasn't an issue.
Avoiding a numerous Ball cameras became the biggest threat as we started to loose the light.
Anyway, onto the interesting stuff.
We worked our way through the buildings to the centre of the site and Squirrell semi-jokingly said "if the door to the base of the chimney is open, I'm going up it".
Now this is by far the highest thing in Hull (if you don't include the Humber Bridge 7 miles away).
The Chimney stands at 460ft, twice the height of the British Extracting tower.
Surprise, surprise the door was unlocked.
In the base Squirrell was in no doubt that he was going up!
Zerocool and myself gave it some thought and decided not to this time.
So off he went; the whole thing is in sections: 20ft(ish) caged ladder - swing gate - platform to next ladder and so on. He reckoned that there was about 20 of these to the top.
Zerocool and I retreated to a safe distance in the compound and awaited a phone call.
Cameras at the ready, Squirrell popped out at the top and the moment was captured.
When he finally made it back to us, flithy and buzzing his tits off, he said that it had been completely safe all the way up and at the top the whole thing was swaying a foot or so in the wind.
Anyway we called it a night and I'm sure we'll be back soon to do the rest of the building and for us to have a go at the Chimney too.
Here's my Photos; I'm sure Squirrell will add more story and pics later.


Exploring some of the external structures, Chimney in the background


This place a feel of Pyestock about it




Inside the buildings are rooms filled with motors, and all sorts of stuff that Dweeb would love


A photo of the whole site was on the wall


Blue dye is absolutely everywhere in this place


A helpful mirror helps us keep an eye on Security


Outside the base of the chimney, it looks a long way up!


Retreated to safe distance waiting for squirrell to call


There he is, the mentalist!!!!
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Re: Holiday Pigments - Hull 11.06.08 Report

Awesome guys!!! truly awesome.

Ive always wanted to get up this chimney!! And for everyone who hasnt been to Hull, here is a picture I took from the St Stephens Development - Ferensway a couple of years back...

This really gives the true scale of the chimney compared to the surroundings..


Well done that man!!

turk ;)

Squirrell 911

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Re: Holiday Pigments - Hull 11.06.08 Report

Well here is my little contribution :D
for those folks who want to do the chimney bring masks you will need them for defo!! I was lucky and found a brand new one in there with a filter still in its plasic so used it but next time I will be bringing my Stromberg.

It was a good ten to fifteen minute climb in pitch black aswel but as it was in sections it was just a case of going up and a stamina thing but their are levels so if you need a rest you can have a chill between levels.

It does have Pyestock feel to it.



All the blue dye evrywhere.



From the top. British Extracting :eek: and in the distance town centre and LA's


Some more of Hull.




Its a big site folks just ready for exploring :thumb
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Re: Holiday Pigments - Hull 11.06.08 Report

Here is another piccy I should add. :D


Extreme ironing !!! the board is still up there if you want to have a go cos fucked if I was bringing it back down with me. Brand new £8.99 Tesco one too ;)
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disco legs all the way :)
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Re: Holiday Pigments - Hull 11.06.08 Report

wow what a site! iv always looked at this and said one day i want to stand up there:D. thanks to Squirrell i got my chance to get up.

my pics from the site.
the base looking up

the view that met us at the top :D







the aircraft lights.

I have been waiting years to do this lol

2 shots from S level on the way down


cant wait to get back up there again...