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Report - Hornsea Freeport Model Village - Jan 2011


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A place from my childhood, although I remember it being a little bigger and slightly less overgrown/damaged!
I really wanted to give a good bit of history on this place seeing as though its not been reported before, but there is very little info available about it.

It was opened to the public in 1979 as a side attraction for Hornsea Pottery. At the time it was called the 'Minidale' model village and was part of the Hornsea Pottery Edenfield site where the company had started to diversify from just making pottery. The site became a day out including tours of the factory, a number of shops and various leisure attractions - the model village being one of them. Later renamed to 'Sleepy Hollow'.

Closure date is currently unknown, will update this if I manage to find the info.


After searching for somewhere to buy the entry wristband I decided to en ter anyway!


Church has seen better days




Makes me wonder if this is why the place was closed down?




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OMG, I remember this place! I went there with my grand-parents & uncle in 1982! It was a brilliant day out, taking in the pottery place next door. We stayed in Bridlington so wasnt that far away for a great day out. Shame this happened to it

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It's all a new housing estate now.


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It's all a new housing estate now.
I hope someone managed to salvage that track, it's worth a lot more than it's scrap value. I've bought some similar and it costs about £30 for 1 metre. You can imagine how unhappy I was when the neighbourhood kids jumped the fence in to our garden, started messing with it and somehow ended up bending a large amount of it out of shape even though it was nailed down.