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Report - Huddersfield Gas Holder - July 15


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Not posted on here for quite some time but hello again everyone :)

Climbed with -Raz-

100% the most exhilarating climb we have ever done, with the cages on the ladders only going half way around the back of you to allow for the holder to rise up and then back down again, it really hit home the importance of keeping a tight hold considering the consequences...


Bit of History/Background;

Northern Gas Networks own the structure. It is the town’s one remaining gas holder and is maintained to ensure gas supplies never run short.

The 127ft giant stores gas and helps meet the enormous peaks in demand that occur in winter.

A spokesman said: “In winter there can be as much as five times the amount of gas flowing through the mains than in summer. When everyone wakes up in the morning or gets home from school or work, demand can be so high that we need to have some extra gas stored in case we need it.

“That’s where the gas holders are so important. We fill them up overnight, when there’s gas to spare, and they empty during the day when demand is higher.”

The holder was originally built in 1916 by W C Holmes and then rebuilt by Clayton & Co in 1968.

It is column guided and holds nearly five million cubic feet of gas (or 127,000 cubic metres).

There were originally five gas holders at Huddersfield, which have been demolished over the years as more gas becomes stored in underground pipelines.

Gas production ceased in the town in the late 1960s.


And here is a news report of 3 guys climbing it back in 2013; http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-...demned-6152832

The Explore;

After a day of fails and alarms we were more determined than ever to get on and do something and having seen this on previous visits to the area we decided to mish over for a look. The surrounding area is pretty much derp city however the Kirklees Council appear to be very handy with that horrible metal sheeting which is nigh on impossible to get around without the help of an angle grinder, or perhaps a teleport.


Upon reaching the Gas Holder we quickly established that this giant was not in her prime condition, and as the frame cracked and creaked around us, we began our ascent. What followed was the most terrifying and yet enjoyable climb of my life. The views of Huddersfield in the twilight were pretty cool, not anything spectacular but nice and chiller for a sunday night.






I would like to call this particular image "Oh Fuck This Is High, Why Am I Doing This"


Thanks for looking :)


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Looks nice at dawn. Get up the crane next! It's a lot higher and has some better views. It also has some unnerving ladders!

Quite surprised the Examiner hasn't stuck me in the paper since that article you linked.

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Safety is paramount!
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Nicely done, nice looking gas holder :thumb


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28DL Full Member
This is good fun and a nice climb but would definitely recommend climbing the crane, although it feels like you will never reach the top.


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This is good fun and a nice climb but would definitely recommend climbing the crane, although it feels like you will never reach the top.
All these Hudds explorers comin out the woodwork... Where else you been lad? Let's have some input :)


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Top job, son. Used to love heights but these days I get all sorts of dizzy climbing these things. Uggh. Props my friend.

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