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Report - Hudson Bay Nightclub, Ashton 0418


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28DL Full Member
I had seen a few places boarded up around Ashton Under-Lyne and decided to go back for a closer look!
Sadly - Ashton is best known for the abduction of John Kilbride at the market by Moor's Murderers Myra Hyndley and Ian Brady!
This place was the fruit of my sneaking around, and the only place accessible! There is little information on the club and it looks like it's been empty a good five years plus!
Pigeons rule the place now and have certainly left their mark! I had to put my clothes into the wash after returning.
A large bumble Bee appeared for a time too.
There are 3 accessible floors and a cellar, it's pretty much a derp but not without a few surprises like boxes of VHS tapes, a Sinclair ZX81 and a part of the roof flapping in the wind that sounds like human.
So - on with the pics!

Baggy trousers

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28DL Full Member
Well, kinda had hopes up for this as the frontage looks appealing! What a grotty old hole that turned out to be then..thanks for sharing, good post that.


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28DL Full Member
Closed for over ten years to the best of my knowledge. Worth keeping an eye on this whole row as they open and close pretty regularly...


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28DL Full Member
I checked this place out recently. Once I got in I saw a new looking tent with a table full of foil and needles. When I was sure nobody was home, ventured in but didn't get anywhere else apart from that initial first room. Where the hell were the stairs?!?! Hahaha, totally flopped this one

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