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Report - - IBM factory, Greenock, LIVE SITE - 29-2-08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - IBM factory, Greenock, LIVE SITE - 29-2-08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well what can I say but 'oops' :D

In attendance, Sonorg + Shepy + BrickMan

2nd site of our roadtrip(the roadtrip called "I want to go home" or "I hate scotland", keep an eye in roadtrips section for the other sites reports), wasn't planned, just drove past it, saw the mouldy windows and grass growing in the carpark and decided to check it out!

Was raining like only scotland knows how to rain, and windy as hell, which played to our advantage!


aerial showing site, both large silver buildings we thought were derelict, we were wrong :p

Gained access, and stumbled upon some VERY large internal spaces, these buildings are approx 3-4stories tall, with windows only at ground level, the rest made from skylights and artificial lighting.
Most of the south building was gutted of its production line and repair centres. However a lot of artifacts remained, inc hundreds of dead computer componants and bits and bobs.

We very quickly made our way to the northern building after discovering there were dozens of ball cameras inside, possibly watching us, but we were not so sure, as there was no power in the building, with a lot of th infrastructure literally just been ripped out.

A small 1story corridoor linked us to the larger building where we found first a kitchen, boiler room, and atrium, and a few of th top bods' offices, all very very dark, the lights worked in places, but we were hesitant to turn them on as it did feel a bit 'uneasy' as in, this site is in too good a nick to be true.

We made our way upstairs and glanced across a second gargantuam factory floor, before making our way into the rabbit warren of offices and corridoors upstairs.
Here I finally got my digital cam out and started snapping (the other pic's up to this point are on film, so apologies their not posted).

There were dozens of offices, and in one place a 2 storey open floor office, all done out very lavishly (for an office).


external of south end of north building, it all pretty much looks the same from the outside.


oopps, somebody forgot to water the tree!


people must have taken themselves and a few choice belonging's, as in each desk was just packed with artifacts and people stuff that they couldn't be arsed to take. even cloths and personal photographs.


more stuff lying around. From the paperwork on show I really couldn't fathom what division this was or anything, only it was IBM and we were in greenock, and there was a factory floor downstairs, that was pretty much it!


a corridoor on an upper floor were the more 'important' people lived.


"Can I keep my job" [john, an IBM employee]
"Computer says get te'fuck" [t3h Man]*

*actual events may differ, this was a brickman description :)


By this time I was starting to get exited, what with so much already found in a very short space of time (we'd been in maybe 15-20mins) couldn't wait to see what was up ahead. AS I was taking this, shepy + sonorg came VERY quickly back down the corridoor expleting there was people ahead and was probably a good time to leave!! :eek:
I didn't believe them, so went to listen for myself, pretty much sounded like some people talking in a closed room/large room but lots of people as the echo was quite pronounced.
What with working lights, lights turned on up ahead of us, the offices in that direction being in increasingly better condition, and the heating being on, and then the noise of people talking, we decided it best not to continue and make a run for it :D

Although if we did accidently walk into a room full of people on computers, we would have had A PLAN :)
"what tefuck are you doing in here" [some bloke]
"erm, yeah, we're with the company magazine (at this point we weren't even sure what company it was), and we're here to take some people shots of you all"
"oh, ok then, on your way, but check out linda in personal, she's well tasty, love to see her pic on page3 of IBM employee weekly" ;) [some bloke]

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red line shows what is derelict that we found, purple box shows were all these pics were taken (its a masshove site), black X is were we filled our proverbial pants and bailed.


me looking out from north building to south building over the waterfall (burst landdrain) thru the slightly mouldy windows.