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Industrial/Victorian Ironwork


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Hi all,

I'm a trainee Blacksmith, and I'm on the hunt for close-up shots of Victorian/Industrial Ironwork. I'm specifically looking for images of:
Riveted joints
Arches/general archwork
Structural supports and beams

If you have any images in this line(or anything you think would fit the bill of "Victorian Industrial") I would be massively appreciative if you could post them or direct me towards them.

In the interest of full disclosure, these images will be used only for my college portfolio, leading to a final design piece that will be an original design.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and thank you in advance for any pictures you post.


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Unfortunately I can't afford the transport there, otherwise I would. I'm kicking myself, because I'm originally from Wigan but never thought to take any pictures of my favourite pieces of Ironwork

The Kwan

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Blists hill victorian village museum In Shropshire would also be a good place to visit to take some photos, they actually have a smithy and some heavy horses there AND they have a chipshop there that does the chips in beef dripping, worth the visit alone :)