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Report - - Inverkip power station, scotland. 29/09/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Inverkip power station, scotland. 29/09/07

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The Human Turbine.
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Well what can i say? im pretty speechless to write a report.

Anyway, it was a long trek for me from york meeting loon and saxofilis at newcastle. We set up camp just down the shore from inverkip, aparently i was the biggest 'chimper' in the world because i was taking nightshots of the place :crazy lol

We met our group with Azubi first, dazzababes, lost, goreki and wolfism.

Once inside, you cant judge the size of it, it just seems to keep on going up, you seem to get use to the height. Its definately one of the best explores the Uk can produce. We couldnt climb the 720ft access which was a big disapointment, but we did climb the main roofs which are still taller than most tower cranes.

Brief history (from memory, correct if wrong): Constructed in 1970, with 3 turbines, there was always space left for a 4th turbine, but, because the power station never hit optimum output (exept from 84' and the miners strike) there was no need. The power station is on the banks of the clyde, so no need for cooling tower, It also has its own pier. In the following years after 84' it was deemed neccecary to close the power station. In 1988 it became a Power station reserve, since then it has remained dormant, as if it was in some sort of invisable retro bubble heh.

Thanks goes to Lost and dazzababes who proved ever useful with access and directions :thumb Thanks for the rest of the guys coming along.

(First time i have taken so many pictures, i thought i hardly took any, but the number was 250! Also used a lot of tungsten whitebalance) Lots more photos if anyones interested.

The view from our camp! Most of the lights you can see are the lghts along inverkips peir.


Onto the control room, words canot describe this place, but im telling you, there isnt a better control room in the country! check out telex and phones! all still on. We ended up eating securities sandwiches in there; unknown why, but there was a plate full of sandwiches in there, we respectively left them a pound, so look out for anychange.

Life on mars?



Group shot, there not posing, honest! lol

From the control room, we moved to a switch room, i found it pretty amazing, there is two of these rooms (other locked) and the length of them is awesome.

Resident evil?

The roof of the main building really put the chimney into perspective!


Me on a 'deaerator storage tank' This is actually on the first major level from the roof!


Well you have to climb everthing in sight...


Turbine one, missing its generator.
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The Human Turbine.
28DL Full Member
Just some more pics...

'Wheres wally?'

A few more from the control room.




Turbine 2 (another 'wheres wally')