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Report - Ipswich Sports Club (crane), Chelmsford, Essex, August 2014


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First crane! Also my first proper go at long exposure and messing around with aperture, shutter speed and torches as I finally managed to get my hands on a DSLR for a few hours (Olympus pen PL1). I like to feel I did alright!

Unfortunately it started to fog as I got up top.

The site

The site is situated on New Writtle street near the Essex cricket ground and 3 new apartment flats are being built for commuters to London.

The site is already popular (despite it being about 10 feet off the ground at the present time!) and two apartments are already sold at around £200,000-300,000.

There is a bridge planned as well.

The properties:



A master plan: http://www.essexcricket.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Image1L1.jpg

Here's a little more info on those interested in the history and a bit of a read.

The main construction of the first phase of Essex Cricket Club’s development will commence on site in the next few weeks.

MCD, the Club’s development partner has signed the main building contract, following last year’s enabling contract with Kier Construction who will build the first block of apartments consisting of 62 dwellings. Most of these have been sold off plan.

The Club has reached agreement with Chelmsford City Council in respect of a licence and eventual acquisition of the New Writtle Street Car Park, once a new Multi Storey Car Park is constructed.

Keith Brown, Chairman of the Ground Development Committee of Essex County Cricket Club said “This project has been in gestation for a decade and had been delayed because of the economic and financial climate. It is, therefore, an immense relief that this first phase can start. Once the cranes appear and the building is seen to be physically underway, the existing strong interest in the first phase will we are sure be amplified on the next phase of the development. It will be the most iconic and prestigious development in Chelmsford.

“Chelmsford City Council has been most supportive in wishing to see the redevelopment of the County Ground and ensuring that it will remain the home of Essex Cricket for many years.â€

Now that the first Phase can start the Club will now focus on its facilities which will form part of the next stage. Work will now start on reviewing the original plans to ensure that they meet our requirements in that we build the facilities that will serve the needs of the modern game, our members, sponsors and supporters.

Derek Bowden Chief Executive said “ We can now look forward to planning our facilities which need to be done within the limits of funds available from the development and our own resources, as well as keeping disruption to cricket to a minimum.â€

Steven Byrne representing the Developer, MCD Chelmsford LLP, said “We are all delighted that all the support from the Club and Chelmsford City Council, has finally come together, in the form of the commencement of the first phase of this prestigious Development Project. We look forward to showing the physical embodiment of what all the hard work by all parties, has helped the achieve.â€

The rest can be found here: http://www.essexcricket.org.uk/cricket/news-archive/ground-development/

The crane

The crane is 100ft/34m tall at the cab, and further up at the very top I assume it's around 40m high.

The counter ballast weighed 16 tonnes.

The explore

Ah well after a let down early on in the evening I was left astray wondering what to do, so I climbed to the top of a multi story car park to do some long exposure of the traffic and light painting, in the distance sat a big red crane, awesome.

I got access into the site and climbed the crane, and wow, I loved it. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.


The crane from a car park with the traffic zooming by


I love light painting, no pattern, just a bit of fun on the car park (my first go)


Unfortunately there aren't any pics of the crane from it's base, just wanted to get up and was a little sketchy as the public were still wondering around

Here's one on a level just below the cab facing out to the jib (South-West)


Facing North-East out on the level below the top towards the counter ballast


Facing South from the level below the top showing the moon


Facing North above the cab


On the top level facing South-West to the right of the jib


On the top level facing South-West to the left of the jib


On the top level facing North-East towards the counter ballast


On the top level facing North


The end


Awesome night, well worth the walk home. Really enjoyed the experimentation on aperture, exposure etc. no editing done on these pics.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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Great light painting!

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