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Report - Ipswich Wine Rack: August 2018


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So this site has stood unfinished since 2009 and now it seems work is finally taking place and it is being made into luxury apartments. It strange as there has been a lot of development around here, so why was this left?
Hardly the most exciting views I just bumped up the ISO and done most of these handheld.







Even managed to get a panorama without even trying though Cranfield Mill is looking a bit warped :banghead


Thanks for looking :thumb


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Decent man always meant to climb this as I can see it from my flat but developing now so pointless lol u from round her bruv


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Ha ha. No a bit further than that. I mainly went to get a German kebab o_O
That should still be ok to do man. Go n have a look. This weekend is ideal ;)
Hahaha meant to say i live near town centre, you know Any other decent places in surrounded area, think over done everywhere around here now

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