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Jim Lives On (Solomon) Movie


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Its finally here, its took me 5+ hours a night for a week or so to do this, it was emotional task but had to do it in honour of my Brother, he deserved it..

This is also my very first time of doing anything like this, dont want to blow my own trumpet but i feel iv made him proud.

Rest in Peace Brother, ill miss you always

(click on top of video for controls)



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Nice one mate it looks really good what software did you use.


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very nice that :)


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28DL Full Member
Just watched it H , cracking tribute - seems like he lived his life to the max and enjoyed himself - my hats off to Solomon.


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Great tribute mate, such a great collection of images and videos. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting or exploring with Sol.



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Seriously dude great stuff, very well compiled and I'm sure you're brother is proud :thumb
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