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Report - Jordanhill College, Glasgow - February 2018


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A Little History -

The Jordanhill Campus is a historic estate in the boundaries of Jordanhill, Glasgow.
The campus began its life in education as a seminary, which opened in 1837 as the Dundas Vale Normal Seminary, by David Stow and was the first purpose built institution for the training of teachers in Europe.
After the disruption of 1843, when The Church of Scotland was split from the Free Church of Scotland, Stow led most of the staff and students out of Dundas Vale to found the rival Free Church Normal Seminary.
This meant that Protestant training was split between the two factions for the rest of the century, later, training courses would be added at a Roman Catholic college and the University of Glasgow.
The result was a confusion of courses run by institutions with poor facilities and inadequate resources, a situation which was mirrored in other parts of Scotland.
The Scottish Education Department (SED) therefore decided that teacher training could no longer be left to the churches but must become a national concern.

The seminary became Jordanhill Teacher Training College in 1913 and later, in 1993, became the Faculty of Education, University of Strathclyde.
It closed its doors in 2012, moving all its services to the main Strathclyde University campus; John Anderson Campus.

Visited with @AndyK

Assembly Hall -

Corridors, Classrooms -

Lecture room on the ground floor -

Entrance Hall First Floor -
(Security are based right below this walkway, so this was interesting)

Staff Room -

On-site Shop, Bar -

This room was fun one, there's an open door to the right (out of frame) which leads through to where security are sat.
Whilst sneaking a few photos in, we heard footsteps coming closer, followed by a definite slamming door sound. Content with what we'd seen by this point, we decided that it was time to leave whilst we were still ahead.

This is easily one of the nicest disused buildings I've ever seen, and well worth all the ducking below windows and hiding from people.




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My daughters dad completed his training here, gorgeous building, would love to see inside. I'd imagine security would be tight though?

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