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Report - Kayaking under the Merseyway - Stockport - June 2018


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I haven't done a report for a while, so I figured I'd put something up that doesn’t get much coverage and add a video in as well, since it is a bit photo light.

On a sunny June evening me, the Notorious @albino-jay and non-member Phil took to kayaks to explore underneath the mersey. Phil was a lot more experienced with kayaks that Albino and I, which wasn't difficult since we'd hadn't a fuckign clue what we were doing. Albino provided the kayaks, which were pimped up in fine camouflage styling. We messed about in the river mersey for a short while and Albino capsized. He then convinced me I would be happier (I was not happy since I thought I would capsize) if I followed in his shoes and also capsized. I liked his logic, so I did and drank the mersey. Now, I have since kayaked a fair bit and capsized is various seas, rivers, lakes and lochs and I have to say, the river mersey is the foulest tasting slurring of hydrogen, oxygen and general fucking awfulness that I am surprised I have not mutated. We made out way under the mersey way, found a shite bank (bit like a sand bank, but a collections of shite) to moor up on and climbing up under the mersey way to explore. We made it out alive piss wet through and smelling of the nasal embodiment of utterly disgusting. Phil and I would return a short while later and explore the otherside of the merseyway and the bridge that spans the river underneath.

The Merseyway is a shopping centre in Stockport that opened in 1965 and at the time was one of the first shopping centres in the UK. Who knew. It gets its name because it is built on stilts that supports its structure above the river mersey, a disgusting cesspool of a river that should make you mutate if you fell in it but doesn't. It was extensively refurbished in 1990 and there were once plans to introduce glass paving so you could see the river mersey underfoot. A cracking idea if it weren't full of shopping trolleys, tyres, shite and gangster kayaking explorers.

Cracking architecture. Kinda looks like a launch system for a spaceship.

Photography Jay.png


Eye See You.png

Launch Systems.png


Gangster as fuck.

Gangstaer as fuark.png
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Young Phil looking well.

Thought he might have brought the dog !


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Great pics, and something different. Are there any homeless sleeping in the alcoves (not sure if the right term) at the sides?


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Cheers for the kind comments everyone! There is more to see, so I probably could have covered it better. But the video shows the shenanigans and that's what it's all about.

Yes man! I have great memories doing exactly this with big jobs, Horus and NickUk one summer evening years ago.

Really enjoyed that and top pics too.
Awesome :) Yeah, it's a cool thing to do. I really like the explores that come with shenanigans!
Soft spot :sleep

Nice job. Did you take a look through the large flap-valves on the left hand bank?
Cheers dude! Nope, but... I will happily go back and have a mooch :)

Great pics, and something different. Are there any homeless sleeping in the alcoves (not sure if the right term) at the sides?
No, I don't think there ever is. To get into it, you either need to kayak or possibly pop a lid or there was a bolted traverse at some point... There may be other ways too, but it's not somewhere people can readily get to.

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