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Report - - King Edward VII Pub & Music Venue, Norwich - May 2019 | Leisure Sites |

Report - King Edward VII Pub & Music Venue, Norwich - May 2019

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28DL Full Member
So, I'm following on my last report of a derelict pub with... another derelict pub.

But wait! Don't go yet. This time around, this venue was in a lot better condition inside and with some really fun little mementos of its life right up until (almost literally) the doors were locked for the last time.
In fact, it was a kind of bittersweet experience exploring it as it was a venue I'd been to a number of times, usually to see live music. I actually went on a date with the barmaid once, many moons ago!

The King Edward VI opened in 1902 and after a long run as a pub and later one of Norwich's more popular venues for local, up and coming and even reasonably well known UK music outfits, sadly shut down in 2014, most likely due to lack of profitability being an independant venue in this day and age; with competition from the likes of the Waterfront, LCR, the Open, and Epic Studios all receiving a lot of financial support and sponsorship from local companies and council, as well as much larger spaces to host music events.

Getting into the place at the time wasn't too difficult other than it being on the busy Aylsham Road, I just had to choose a nice quiet Sunday morning. As I understand it, the place is now in the process of being redeveloped (if not demolished entirely), so I think the opportunity has passed for anyone who's not checked it out yet... sorry!

The lower floor was completely pitch black and I could only take photos with the aid of my torch. Upstairs had sunlight coming in, but other than some interesting period features was largely empty.

I hope you enjoy the photos! The names of people and bands still up on the walls, along with messages and farewells from its last night open was poignant and really quite sad - such a vibrant place now dead, dark and dusty with only distant memories remaining.

Outside the pub:

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-12 (2).jpg



This was once a fairly tidy little beer garden - now a jungle.

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-11 (2).jpg

The bar & venue rooms:

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-09 (3).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-10 (5).jpg

I used to work with a girl called Soraya - for all I know it could be the same one who saw the place out in style!

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-10 (3).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-10 (2).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-10 (4).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-07 (3).jpg


photo_2020-01-01_13-23-09 (2).jpg


photo_2020-01-01_13-23-09 (4).jpg

I wonder if they ever got those new loos?

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-07 (2).jpg


photo_2020-01-01_13-23-08 (4).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-08 (2).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_13-23-08 (5).jpg


photo_2020-01-01_13-23-08 (3).jpg

It was nice going to a location where, though others had clearly got in before me, they hadn't completely trashed and defaced the place. It definitely led to a spookier atmosphere of being "stuck in time" more so than the average vandalised place.

Well, that's another one from me. Keep your eye out for my next - it won't be a pub, I promise!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I remember this place, Used to play in a few bands and this was always a regular haunt. Played my first proper gig there in my own band. Great times. Im still friends with one of the bar maids as it happens.
Great shots and thanks for the memories.

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