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  1. Megan93

    Report - Abandoned house bude

    Thankyou @eddsup for this one! Was shocked how big it was and how much land it had surrounding it! Would have been a lovely home on its time, lots of interesting things left inside. Sad looking at the photographs left inside would love to know the history of this place! Was able to get into one...
  2. Provingdemons

    Report - Blaydon ciu, Gateshead, April 2018

    Was on a trip upto Scotland, while stopped at a red light I noticed this abandoned club to my left so I had to see if I could explore it. Sure enough I found an entrance and was happy to take some snaps for a report! Honestly I don't know a thing about this place, but it had some cool pieces...
  3. GRONK

    Report - Stamford Arms, Little Bollington - June 2018

    June 2018 So this one has been on the to do list for a long time and after many failed attempts over the last few years I finally managed to get it done, not much history exists on this place despite it being a popular venue in its heyday. It was last open to customers under the name 'Home'...