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Report - King Richard School Portsmouth - January 2018


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Opened in 1952 as Paulsgrove Secondary Modern School to be later renamed King Richard


King richard school built in the north area of Portsmouth is a secondary school mixed gender of 700+ pupils and funded by a mixed trust. The school provides a mainstream National Curriculum education to GCSE, BTEC and OCR in ICT. In 2006 the school won Rock Challenge awards and also recieved a satisfactory inspection by Ofstead in 2009. Later on the school became problematic with structual issues causing roofs to collapse and flooding which prompted for a new replacement building. in 2015 King Richard School was awarded £9m for a new purpose-built school, this was build alongside the original school. In October 2017 the new school opened and the old building was handed over to Kier contractors for demolition.

November - present the site is being cleared ready for demolition.

-The Explore-

This school had been on my list to explore since november when I found out it was abandoned. Since then I had a few falied attempts, with round the clock security presence and frequent patrols we knew it would be difficult. Just after Christmas I went back to find extra measures were taken to secure the site, with the chances of exploring the beauty slowly slipping away and demolition creeping closer. But on our most recent visit we learned that no security looked present and a few other explorers had started taking advantage to explore already. So our explore began.

Apologies for the dirty lens but conditions were tricky outside. Exterior of the building

Work is well under way on clearing out the class rooms

Corridor looking down to the east side of the building. Yellow seems to be a theme here.

Class room showing signs of electrics being stripped

A different colour room! used for storage between bigger class rooms.


Backup floppy disk

school's out!

Hydration station

Privacy wasn't top of the agenda

Gym time was everyones favourite time.

This ball looked brand new!

Thank you for reading!​


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I think during clear out all the stall walls were removed, although they do look really close to each other.

I did think that may of happened but then thought, they were very careful if they did that . Yes they are close together. Odd


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Ahhh. I stopped exploring this when I found myself walking through the sealed off asbestos removal zone. Hope you had fun with that lol. Good photos!


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I’ve heard it’s currently being demod. Not seen with my own eyes though