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Report - - Kings Meadow Open Air Bath, Reading (19/11/08) | Leisure Sites |

Report - Kings Meadow Open Air Bath, Reading (19/11/08)

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This is my first report, hope I've done everything properly.

Kings Meadow Baths was opened in 1903 to ladies only (men's baths were also along the Thames and are now demolished) and closed in 1972. The baths have since remained derelict and Reading council either want to sell or demolish them.





















This sign for air cylinders is from 2004...random!




Thanks for looking


Did you find the hoarded Coca Cola glasses?

Nope didn't find anything but an empty plastic cola bottle floating in the water! That would've been an awesome find!

I don't think the diving club are using it anymore, I think they found a better site perhaps! Although that sign makes a bit more sense now.

BBC NEWS | England | Berkshire | U-turn on lido listing defended
I found this (now rather dated) article which says it is grade II listed so the council can't touch it at the mo. Would make a good ice rink or something!

And thanks again for the kind comments :eek: