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Report - Langdon hole Dover 13-1-2019


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This WW2 underground communications facility is situated on a chalk bank at Langdon Hole to the east of Dover Harbour. Also known as “Dumpy B” , it was one of a pair of facilities in the Dover area (the other being at Long Hill - “Dumpy A”) which were believed to be satellite sites for the main wartime communications centre under Dover Castle.

There were two brick entrances to the complex both of which were demolished in the 1970’s and the rubble used to seal the access tunnels. However over time one of the tunnel entrances has been slightly exposed allowing access what was once a wooden stairway but is now, with the wooden risers all rotted away, is just a very steep sloping chalk tunnel. This access tunnel descends very steeply over a length exceeding 100' and enters the first dogleg before emerging in the main part of the complex which consists of a square layout. Two main tunnels that housed the communications and ancillary equipment (the furthest tunnel from the entrances) and the accommodation / rest / sanitary facilities run parallel to each other roughly south west - north east (these are each 90' long), and they are joined at each end by two tunnels of 43' running north west - south east. At the north-west corner of this complex is the small generator room that provided the power for lighting and communications.
visited with a few non member friends we walked straight to the entrance after spending two hours two weeks before hand trying to find it, once in there i was taken back by how big it was, a lot bigger than I expected and after seeing so many videos and reports online about this place it was exciting to finally be inside there! The photos aren’t the greatest as their only taken from my iphone









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