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So myself a a friend decided to take a trip to the Brickworks. I wont post much about the history as its been done time and time again on this site and many others. After reading a lot of the comments and posts I didnt know what to expect from the place really. Access was easy the site was silent apart from one or two cars that drove past. I hadnt seen any of the comments about the Urbexer getting beaten up or the crazy foreman befre I went so it was very calm. I was surprised to see how much had been left and in the state in which it had. In a lot of places it looked like the workers had gone for lunch and just never came back. Racks upon racks of bricks left everywhere including the dryers. The amount of machinery thats still left in this site is incredible to its everywhere! We spent a less than a couple of hours there. I think you could spend hours here if you really thought about your shots. Hadnt seen one from inside the chimney yet so that had to be done. All round a nice little site especially as this is probably my 8th explore in total only my second report to the site so be nice. Hope you enjoy the pictures I did try to pick some I hadnt seen before but then i did think no two photos are ever the same!

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