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Jake Alan Craig

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So, this is the first time Ive ever posted my stuff anywhere, so sorry if its kinda crappy. I don't really take that many pictures but i do film the places that i go to. This is the first place that I ever Explored, Lea Castle Hospital in Cookley, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Its a huge place, I believe there are 26 buildings on the site, security is pretty tight tho, and as far as i know this place is now being turned into a housing estate. The Police used to use this place for training and I actually found a few bullets laying around in the surrounding tree line as well as a shotgun shell, some of the buildings where also used by the airsoft group "First & Only". This place was used as a Lunatic Asylum after World War 2, im not too sure if it was used in the war as well as I haven't looked too deep into the history of the place. Recently there was a tour around this place for all the Ex-staff that used to work here. There was 3 buildings outside of the sites perimiter that belong to the hospital and where used as living quarters for the families of the patients that stayed there, and i swear its haunted ASF, (See video 3), Im going to stop rambling about the little i know about this place and post some pictures that ive taken of the place, sorry there not too good, I took them on my old camera and on my phone, and ill post my videos below as well.

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