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Report - Leamington Spa ford Foundry "Heads Up"


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28DL Full Member
Hi All,
Popped in on a solo expore after finishing my night shift, i wont go into too much detail as its been done 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks.
This is more a personal account of my experience this morning.

Just a hand full of my pic's.

Was a lovely fresh morning , when i arrived it was pitch black so took refuge in the old staff canteen , had a smoke and waited for dawn to arrive.


It soon came up so scooted about quick time to get as much covered as i could.


I totalled approx 180 pictures on some very dodgy platforms and floors, not ideal for a solo expore but i was here so cracked on.
I discovered some truly magnificent pieces of industry.
As i moved on from the main foundry i came into a huge warehouse, light was still bad inside but i made my way over to a more illuminated part of the plant.
The size of this place beggars belief and the photos dont really do it justice, as i walked across the plant from one side to the other, i could hear water dripping and pidgeons up high in the rafters, i was concious of being quiet as possible as i wasnt sure how active security was or if there was any ?.
About half way across the vast spance of floor i was stunned by an deafening loud shout of "Oiiiiiiii".
I turned sharply to the direction of where the voice came from, flicked my torch on and could not see anybody.
My head was spinning thinking F'#k in hell , is this place haunted , i questioned myself "did you really hear that or are you imagining it ?"
I composed myself and just thought sod it, get more pic's GhosTiE.
So onwards and upwards.


As i approached this part of the factory moving from one warehouse to the other i walked straight into the eyeline of 4 very burly looking security guards who were chatting by there vehicles.


I quickly backtracked into the main plant and darted into some offices, i heard the cars start and then heard them racing to what sounded like my entrance point and aslo my Exit !!
I scurried through the office's finding a small staircase which lead me back out side, i took a couple more pic's and heard mevement and voices.
To my right was a dead end to my left the voices. I thought f''#k it, i have my pics so walked straight out into the path of three contractors who shouted over to me. I walked straight up to the oldest one out of them and asked him what he wanted , he replied what the f#'k am i doing. I told him just taking pictures, with this a security guard came from behind me and another one came around the corner of where the contarctors had walked. They both asked the same thing , told me i shouldnt be there and asked me to leave, luckily i was about 50 yards from my entrance point so i politley agreed.
They told me that demo had started and all the drain covers are being removed and steel is slowly being removed from the foundry leaving it very unsafe.
Just be aware if you go , it's buzzing with actvity and i got the impression there getting a bit pissed with the amount of chavvs smashing the place up.



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